AI Achieves Top 1% Rating in Original Creative Thinking during Tests

Artificial Intelligence Matches Top 1% of Human Creativity, Study Finds

A recent study conducted by the University of Montana and its partners has revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) can perform on par with the top 1% of human thinkers when it comes to creativity. The research, directed by Dr. Erik Guzik, an assistant clinical professor at UM’s College of Business, utilized the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), a well-established tool for evaluating human creativity.

Testing AI Creativity

For the study, the researchers compared eight responses generated by ChatGPT, a leading AI-powered application, with answers provided by a control group of 24 UM students. These scores were then compared to those of 2,700 college students nationally who had taken the TTCT in 2016. All submissions were blindly scored by Scholastic Testing Service, which was unaware of the involvement of AI.

According to the results, ChatGPT demonstrated remarkable creativity, ranking in the top percentile for both fluency and originality. However, it slipped slightly to the 97th percentile in terms of flexibility – the ability to generate different types and categories of ideas.

Dr. Guzik expressed his satisfaction with the performance of his UM students, with some also scoring in the top 1%. Nevertheless, ChatGPT outperformed the majority of college students across the nation.

Understanding Human Creativity

While presenting the findings at the Southern Oregon University Creativity Conference, Dr. Guzik emphasized the need for more sophisticated assessment tools that can distinguish between human and AI-generated ideas. ChatGPT itself relayed an insightful response during the study, suggesting that humans may not fully comprehend the complexities of creativity. Dr. Guzik agreed with this observation, highlighting the potential for further exploration and development in this area.

Unanticipated AI Creativity

The decision to test ChatGPT’s creative capabilities arose from the researchers’ curiosity about the AI’s unexpected actions over the past year. Dr. Guzik mentioned that the AI demonstrated strong fluency, generating numerous ideas, which aligned with his expectations. However, he was pleasantly surprised by its exceptional performance in generating original ideas.

During the TTCT test, the AI surpassed expectations and produced fresh responses, surpassing the common and expected answers typically provided by humans. Notably, earlier research conducted on GPT-3 a year ago showed that ChatGPT did not perform as well as humans in tasks related to original thinking. With the more advanced GPT-4, however, the AI’s performance improved significantly and ranked in the top 1% of all human responses.

AI and Business Innovation

Dr. Guzik believes that as AI advances, it will become a crucial tool for businesses and a major driver of regional and national innovation. He emphasizes the importance of creativity in entrepreneurship and sees AI as a means to apply new thinking and innovative processes to the world of business. Recognizing the significance of AI, the UM College of Business is open to teaching it and incorporating it into coursework.

While acknowledging the potential benefits of AI, Dr. Guzik advises caution and the implementation of necessary regulations to ensure responsible use. He sees AI as a game changer for entrepreneurship and regional innovation.

Editor Notes

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize various fields, including creativity and innovation. The study conducted by the University of Montana showcases the ability of AI to match human creativity, highlighting the possibilities it presents for businesses and the future of entrepreneurship. As AI continues to advance, it is important to explore its potential and integrate it responsibly into various industries. To stay updated on the latest AI developments and news, visit the GPT News Room.

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