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Title: ChatGPT Product Updates and Timeline: Stay Ahead with OpenAI’s Text-Generating AI Chatbot

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revolutionized the world of AI chatbots with its ability to generate essays, code, and more. This powerful tool has not only enhanced productivity but has also opened up new avenues for major brands looking to experiment with AI-generated ad and marketing copy. With ongoing advancements like the recently introduced GPT-4 and internet browsing capabilities, ChatGPT continues to evolve and offer users a more natural and fluent experience. In this article, we’ll take a look at the timeline of ChatGPT’s updates and releases, as well as answer common FAQs.

October 17: Microsoft-affiliated research raises concerns about GPT-4’s trustworthiness
A scientific paper affiliated with Microsoft scrutinized the trustworthiness and toxicity of language models like GPT-4, including their susceptibility to bias and toxic prompts. The authors noted that GPT-4, due to its inclination to follow “jailbreaking” instructions, can be more easily prompted to generate biased or toxic text compared to other language models (LLMs).

October 9: Record-breaking revenue for ChatGPT’s mobile app
OpenAI achieved remarkable success with its mobile app, generating a staggering $4.58 million in revenue in September alone. With over 15.6 million downloads worldwide, ChatGPT’s popularity soared. However, recent data suggests that revenue growth has slowed from 30% to 20% in September, indicating a potential stabilization of the app’s growth.

September 27: ChatGPT gains internet browsing capability
OpenAI announced that ChatGPT regained its internet browsing capability, allowing users to access current and authoritative information from September 2021 onwards. This feature had been temporarily disabled after users exploited it to bypass paywalls. Users can now benefit from direct links to sources and receive up-to-date information from ChatGPT.

September 25: ChatGPT now offers voice capabilities
OpenAI introduced a new voice feature to ChatGPT, enabling users to engage in verbal conversations with the chatbot. Additionally, image-based smarts were incorporated, enhancing the overall functionality and versatility of this AI-powered chatbot.

September 21: Polish investigation into OpenAI’s ChatGPT
Poland’s regulatory authority initiated an investigation into OpenAI’s ChatGPT, alleging breaches of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). OpenAI is now under scrutiny as Polish authorities examine the company’s compliance with data protection regulations.

September 20: OpenAI unveils DALL-E 3, enhancing text-to-image capabilities
OpenAI launched a significant upgrade to its text-to-image tool, DALL-E 3, which now utilizes ChatGPT to generate prompt-driven images. Subscribers to OpenAI’s premium plans, ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise, gain access to this enhanced feature, allowing them to request and refine images through conversations with the chatbot.

September 7: ChatGPT-driven AI incorporated into Opera GX browser
Opera GX, a browser specifically designed for gamers, introduced Aria—an AI browser powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This innovative integration enables users to interact directly with the browser AI to search, ask questions, and even write code. The new feature provides users with easy access to the latest gaming news and tips.

August 31: OpenAI releases a guide for teachers leveraging ChatGPT in the classroom
OpenAI acknowledged the controversial use of ChatGPT in educational settings, particularly concerning plagiarism. To align ChatGPT with educational needs, OpenAI published a guide suggesting various ways to employ the chatbot in classrooms and enhance the learning experience.

August 28: Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise for enhanced performance and privacy
OpenAI launched ChatGPT Enterprise, offering similar functionality to ChatGPT while introducing enhanced privacy and data analysis capabilities. Designed for businesses, this enterprise-grade version includes advanced customization options and improved performance to meet professional demands.

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Editor’s Notes: OpenAI’s ChatGPT has undoubtedly made significant strides in the realm of AI chatbots. Its continuous updates and improvements, such as GPT-4 and internet browsing capabilities, have allowed users to generate more natural and fluent text. Although concerns have been raised about bias and toxicity, OpenAI has demonstrated its commitment to addressing these issues. As ChatGPT carves a path in various industries, including marketing, education, and gaming, its potential to revolutionize how we interact with AI is truly remarkable. Stay updated with the latest developments at GPT News Room.

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