Amazon Makes $4 Billion Bet on Anthropic Future | AIADMK Withdraws from NDA | OpenAI Enhances Chat-GPT with New Updates | Newspresso

In this Newsresso live session, Stacy Periera provides an exciting update on the e-commerce giant Amazon’s latest move. Amazon has decided to invest a whopping $4 billion in Anthhropic, an AI firm based in San Francisco. This strategic investment will solidify Amazon’s position in the AI industry and put it in direct competition with tech giants like Microsoft and Google.

On a related note, OpenAI, the startup behind the popular ChatGPT, has recently announced the launch of new features that will enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT. Now, ChatGPT will be able to see, hear, and speak, taking its conversational AI abilities to new heights. To get all the details, make sure to tune in to Stacy Periera’s live stream on Newsresso.

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At GPT News Room, we strive to bring you the most important and intriguing news from various domains. This latest development involving Amazon’s investment in Anthhropic and OpenAI’s groundbreaking features for ChatGPT is truly remarkable. The world of AI continues to evolve, and it’s amazing to see how these advancements are shaping our future. Stay tuned with GPT News Room for more exciting updates from the world of technology and beyond.

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