Artist Filip Kostic Shares Exclusive Interview

**The Intersection of Art and Digital Culture: An Interview with Filip Kostic**

*Exploring the Convergence of Gaming, Internet Subcultures, and Art*

Artistic expression has always evolved in tandem with the dominant cultural and technological forces of the time. In the modern era, the intersection of art and digital culture has opened up new possibilities for creativity and self-expression. One artist who has delved deep into this realm is Filip Kostic, a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans various mediums, including sculpture, video, animation, games, and simulations.

Filip Kostic’s artistry offers a thought-provoking exploration of the convergence between physical and digital realms. His works can be experienced both as tangible installations within exhibition spaces and as digital art accessible through online platforms, social media, video games, and simulations.

## Growing Up in the Digital Landscape

Kostic’s fascination with the internet and gaming subcultures stems from his upbringing within these communities. Like many others of his generation, he was immersed in online gaming and social media during his formative years. Platforms like Myspace and World of Warcraft were integral parts of his life, even before the internet underwent its dramatic shift towards platform capitalism.

This evolution of the internet, from a decentralized network of personal blogs to an insular landscape dominated by data farming and platform capitalism, influenced Kostic’s perspective on labor and identity. However, it was during the early stages of the pandemic that he experienced a resurgence of the “pure internet” culture that he reminisces about from his childhood.

## The Influence of Gaming on Artistic Practice

Kostic’s engagement with the gaming industry has significantly impacted his artistic practice. The overlap between his work as an artist and his involvement in the gaming and entertainment industry is undeniable. Working with the same software for both endeavours, he explores the idea of representation and the ability to deceive audiences into perceiving virtual worlds as real.

His computer sculptures aim to create physical and cumbersome experiences, emphasizing the noise and heat generated by the working transistors. This exploration of energy transfer and the physicality of computing serves as a commentary on the gaming industry’s pursuit of rendering realistic simulations.

The interplay between online culture and gaming is particularly relevant in today’s society. The boundaries between consumers and players have blurred, and aspects of gaming, such as reward cycles and gamification, have seeped into various areas of our online existence. Kostic muses about a future where even voting could be gamified, highlighting the transformative potential of gaming and entertainment on culture.

## Unveiling “Personal Computers”

One ongoing project by Kostic, titled “Personal Computers,” originated from his collection of images showcasing people’s computer builds. Inspired by a friend’s suggestion, he created a book that delved into this fascinating realm. However, Kostic sees “Personal Computers” as more than just a standalone project; it serves as a framework to contextualize his broader body of work involving computers, such as the intriguing “Bed PC.”

Considering the amount of time he spends with his computer, Kostic views it not just as a functional tool, but as an aesthetic and spiritual object. This ongoing practice of incorporating computers into sculptures and installations reflects his deep connection with technology and its impact on our lives.

## Editor Notes

In a world where digital culture and technological advancements shape our everyday experiences, artists like Filip Kostic offer unique perspectives on the evolving landscape. Through his multidimensional artworks, Kostic challenges our understanding of the convergence between the physical and digital realms, as well as the profound influence of gaming and internet subcultures on art.

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