Boosted Workers’ Careers: The Power of Using ChatGPT to Write Emails and Contracts

AI Tools Support Workers in Various Tasks

Despite concerns about AI tools replacing human workers, many individuals have found ways to utilize these tools to their advantage. One popular AI tool, ChatGPT, has proven to be particularly helpful in enhancing productivity and streamlining work processes for different professionals.

Streamlining Administrative Tasks and Enhancing Efficiency

Nick Patrick, the owner of Primal Sounds Productions, a music production company, has found tremendous value in using ChatGPT. For instance, he leverages the tool to create contracts and assist with social media posts. By utilizing the bot’s capability to fine-tune legal contracts, Patrick is able to save a substantial amount of time that would otherwise be spent on tedious administrative tasks. He noted, “It’s saving me maybe 10 or 15 minutes for each one. Although it’s not significant, over time if I’m doing tonnes of them it adds up.”

Nick Patrick.
Courtesy of Nick Patrick

While ChatGPT has been beneficial for social media content creation, Patrick does acknowledge the possibility of posts becoming repetitive as the tool becomes more widely used. However, he also highlights how the chatbot contributes to his team’s collaborative efforts, saying, “It’s good at finding places we want to eat that would be in the area or stops along the way. It can help get more of a team directive going.”

Transforming Workload for Freelancers

Another individual who prefers to remain anonymous, a freelance product marketer, described ChatGPT as a “game changer.” Prior to discovering the tool, the competitive market had left him overworked and stretched thin. He explains, “Doing the amount of work needed for several companies meant that I pretty much had to spend 12 to 16 hours a day just getting things done.” However, with the integration of ChatGPT, he realized he could expedite the creation of marketing materials for his clients by utilizing the bot’s ability to generate content based on summary documents.

The marketer, currently managing four clients with a workload of about 15 hours per week per client, found that employing ChatGPT saved him approximately three to four hours per client. Although he acknowledges that the tool does not match human capabilities entirely, he emphasizes how it provides a solid foundation to build upon. He states, “Obviously ChatGPT is not as good as what people can do, but it creates like an 80% base where I can build from. It saves at least 60% to 70% of my time, and a lot of mental anguish.”

Prior to integrating ChatGPT into his workflow, the marketer had even considered hiring an intern to manage the workload. However, with the tool’s efficiency, he no longer feels the need to do so.

AI Tools: A Valuable Asset for Professionals

These stories exemplify how AI tools like ChatGPT can be harnessed to augment work processes rather than replace human workers. Instead of fearing job loss, workers are finding creative ways to leverage AI tools to streamline tedious tasks and maximize efficiency. By collaborating with intelligent chatbots like ChatGPT, professionals can enhance their productivity, save time, and focus on more valuable aspects of their work.

Editor Notes

It’s inspiring to see how workers are embracing the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT to empower and optimize their work. These individuals are not only finding ways to work more efficiently but are also harnessing the power of innovation to generate better results. As AI continues to advance, we can expect even more exciting applications that will transform industries and create new opportunities for success.

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