ChatGPT AI in schools: Independent Education Union raises concerns

The Impact of AI on Australian Students: Concerns and Challenges

The rise of AI has raised concerns among peak education unions in Australia, who warn that it could have a profound impact on millions of Aussie students if not properly addressed. Teachers have reported “serious concerns” regarding increased workload pressures and the need to effectively deal with the widespread use of generative AI in classrooms.

Workload Pressures and Safety Concerns

During a federal parliamentary probe on artificial intelligence, teachers expressed their concerns over the escalating workload pressures they face. The inquiry highlighted the first complaint of school students using artificially generated deep-fake pornography as a means of bullying their peers, reinforcing the need for teachers to be more vigilant. The eSafety Commissioner has warned that teachers are likely to be increasingly targeted.

Schools acknowledge the importance of safety training, but there is a significant concern that teachers will have to allocate their own time to address these challenges. This further exacerbates the already high rates of burnout and chronic staff shortages experienced in the education sector, as stated by the Independent Education Union (IEUA).

“There is a real concern over the level of compliance and administrative workloads placed on teachers,” says Brad Hayes, federal secretary of the IEUA. “Clearly, teachers will need more time to meet these challenges or the workload cycle will continue.

“We’re worried we’ll spend too much time as AI enforcement cops than creating engaging lessons.”

A Potential Lift on the Ban

A draft plan on the use of AI in schools suggests that the year-long ban on students’ use of generative AI may be lifted in the near future, following a meeting between Education Minister Jason Clare and state and territory education ministers last week. However, concerns were raised that high-fee paying schools in metropolitan areas developing their own “AI academies” could potentially widen the digital literacy divide between public and private school students.

“We saw significant inequality in infrastructure, especially in remote schools, during the pandemic, with some schools lacking access to the internet,” explains Veronica Yewdall, assistant federal secretary of the IEUA. “Access to the software, hardware, and infrastructure are the triple threat in terms of equity of access when it comes to generative AI.”

The Potential of AI

The Tech Council of Australia, a peak industry body, believes that if used effectively, AI has the potential to generate up to $115bn for Australia’s economy by 2023. They emphasize that the speed of realizing this opportunity partly depends on the readiness and willingness of the education sector to embrace and foster this technology for both educators and learners.

In light of this, there has been a call for Australia to introduce its own Artificial Intelligence Act to regulate rapidly evolving digital programs like ChatGPT. With over 500 submissions received by the federal government on its AI inquiry, experts are urging the country to take proactive steps in shaping the future of AI.

Editor’s Notes

The concerns raised by peak education unions regarding the impact of AI on Australian students highlight the need for careful consideration and proactive measures to ensure the safe and effective integration of AI in classrooms. While AI has the potential to bring significant benefits, it is crucial to address workload pressures faced by teachers and ensure equitable access for all students.

Regulatory frameworks like an Artificial Intelligence Act can provide guidelines and safeguards to navigate the evolving world of AI, encouraging responsible use and protecting the well-being of students. By fostering collaboration between educators, policymakers, and technology providers, Australia can harness the potential of AI while prioritizing the safety and educational experience of students.

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