ChatGPT Unblocked: How To Use OpenAI Website When Blocked

Getting ChatGPT unblocked access can be difficult, especially when you’re away from home. Thankfully, there’s a way to gain access on different internet connections and in different places, like a workplace. Here’s how to use the OpenAI website to use ChatGPT unblocked.

How to unblock ChatGPT

To unblock ChatGPT, users should:

  • Use a different internet connection.
    • If using public Wi-Fi or the internet at work, try accessing ChatGPT using your phone data connection.
  • Try using a VPN to mask or change your location.
    • As ChatGPT is a new technology, some entities may put restrictions on accessing the OpenAI website, which a VPN can help bypass.
  • Use OpenAI support chat to report the issues that you’re having.
    • Head to the help page here and use the speech bubble icon in the bottom right to talk to support.
  • Try using a different chatbot.
    • If all else fails, alternative chatbots are out there. For example, Google’s Bard.

The above fixes should help users access ChatGPT unblocked.

As ChatGPT becomes more widely known and used for work and learning applications, I’m sure we’ll see it become unblocked by default over time.

For more ChatGPT guides, here’s how to speed up responses and make the chatbot type faster. And here’s a list of differences between ChatGPT and the new Google Bard A.I.


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