Customers who pay for ChatGPT now have the privilege of accessing DALL-E 3.

Illustration: Valerie Ranum × DALL·E

Introducing DALL-E 3: OpenAI’s Latest AI Image Generator

OpenAI has exciting news for ChatGPT Enterprise and Plus customers. They will now have access to DALL-E 3, OpenAI’s latest AI image generator model. With this new feature, users can bring their vision to life and create unique images by instructing the chatbot.

According to OpenAI’s press release, users can describe their vision, and ChatGPT will provide a selection of visuals for refinement and iteration. This functionality is powered by DALL·E 3, OpenAI’s most capable image model.

DALL-E 3 was launched just last month, boasting improvements in text rendering and overall image quality. The latest iteration offers more visually striking and highly detailed images.

Prioritizing Responsible Development and Deployment

OpenAI is committed to the responsible development and deployment of DALL-E 3. The organization acknowledges the concerns surrounding text-to-image generators following a string of scandals. To address these concerns, OpenAI has implemented a multi-tiered safety system.

OpenAI uses safety checks to review user prompts and generated imagery, ensuring potentially harmful content, including violent, adult, or hateful imagery, is not surfaced to users. The organization has actively collaborated with early users and expert red-teamers to identify and address any gaps in the safety systems.

This collaborative effort has helped OpenAI identify and address edge cases, such as the generation of graphic and sexual imagery. The model has also been stress tested to assess its ability to generate convincingly misleading images.

OpenAI has taken additional steps to limit DALL-E’s ability to generate content in the style of living artists and public figures. These measures aim to protect photographers, artists, and individuals from having their work replicated by the generative AI tool.

Addressing Inherent Biases and Protecting Likeness

In addition to concerns about unauthorized replication, inherent biases in AI image generators have also been a major issue. OpenAI acknowledges the importance of improving demographic representation across generated images.


Furthermore, there is a growing need to protect individuals from having their likeness generated by AI. Senators are currently working on a bill to prevent the circulation of fake images featuring public figures, such as the infamous “Donald Trump arrested” scenario that could flood the internet.

OpenAI’s efforts to address these concerns reflect their commitment to ethical and responsible AI development. They strive to ensure that the benefits of AI technology are harnessed without compromising individual rights, privacy, or perpetuating harmful biases.


OpenAI’s integration of DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT Enterprise and Plus provides users with an exciting opportunity to create unique images based on their own vision. These latest improvements in AI image generation come with a strong emphasis on responsible development and deployment, aiming to address safety concerns and protect the rights and likeness of individuals.

Editor’s Notes:

As AI technology continues to evolve, it is crucial to prioritize ethical and responsible development. OpenAI’s dedication to addressing safety issues and protecting individual rights is commendable. By collaborating with users and experts, OpenAI demonstrates a commitment to continually improving their AI models. The integration of DALL-E 3 with ChatGPT is a significant advancement in image generation capabilities, empowering users to unleash their creativity while maintaining ethical standards.

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