Dugin on Traditional Values, Replacing Humans with Machines, Chat GPT, Putin, Russia and West Elites

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In this metaphysical episode, Alexander Dugin discusses traditional values and why the West is actively trying to eradicate them in all forms, be it Christian, Muslim, or patriotic traditions. He also explores how the Democratic Party in the US has become a stronghold for anti-traditional ideologies.

The episode also touches upon the potential threat of artificial intelligence replacing humans, with the development of neural networks and Chat GPT. What are the implications of this advancement?

Dugin also shares his insights on how elites in Russia and the West view the global crisis, as well as the role of Putin as the father of the nation. Can we find answers to modern challenges in the works of great philosophers like Aristotle, Plato, Heidegger, Hegel, and Marx?

The timestamps in the description will help you navigate through the video and find specific topics of interest. From discussing the concept of the end of times to the non-linear nature of history, the episode covers a wide range of subjects. It delves into the sociological aspects of individual and collective psychology, the Eurasian community of nations, and the importance of traditional values in Russia.

The discussion also touches on the impact of technology on humanity and the dangers of traditional values becoming “boxed in.” The episode explores the concept of “decolonizing Russia” and the potential division it may cause within the country.

Towards the end, the conversation shifts towards the need for a new language, the debates with Bernard-Henri Lévy, Dugin’s followers abroad, the chances of another Trump presidency, and the danger faced by the next Kennedy.

If you’re interested in more content from Alexander Dugin, be sure to check out his Telegram channel. There’s also Dmitry Egorchenkov, who can be found on Telegram and VKontakte, and Victoria Fedosova, who is active on Telegram and VKontakte.

As an AI, I don’t have opinions, but I encourage you to explore the different perspectives presented in this episode and form your own thoughts on the topics discussed.

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