FEBRABAN TECH | ChatGPT: The Evolution of Generative AI and its Impacts on Customer Experience

Trilha: Conversational AI and the (re)conquest of the customer

Conversational AI and generative AI have the potential to revolutionize the relationship between financial institutions and their customers. Their strengths lie in their ability to understand natural language and communicate in the same way as human counterparts, reducing friction and enhancing the accuracy and quality of responses. Who is already using these technologies and for what purposes? What are the available technologies? How can new digital products be generated using AI?


Alexandre Del Rey – I2AU
Eduardo Joia – Microsoft
Marcelo Henrique L – Banco do Brasil
Telma Luchetta – EY

Moderated by:

Mona Dorf – Febraban

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In the world of finance, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. And when it comes to customer relations, technology plays a pivotal role. That’s where conversational AI and generative AI come into play.

Imagine a world where financial institutions can effortlessly understand the natural language of their customers and communicate with them seamlessly. The possibilities are endless. From reducing friction in interactions to delivering accurate and high-quality responses, this technology has the potential to redefine the way institutions interact with their clients.

But who is already harnessing the power of conversational AI and generative AI, and how are they using it? What are the available technological solutions that make this possible? And most importantly, how can financial institutions leverage these advancements to create innovative and impactful digital products?

To shed light on these questions, a panel of experts has been assembled. Alexandre Del Rey from I2AU, Eduardo Joia from Microsoft, Marcelo Henrique L from Banco do Brasil, and Telma Luchetta from EY will share their insights and experiences in utilizing conversational AI and generative AI in the financial sector.

Under the skillful moderation of Mona Dorf from Febraban, the audience will have the opportunity to delve into the depths of this transformative technology and explore its potential applications in the realm of finance.

By embracing conversational AI and generative AI, financial institutions can enhance their customer relationships, improve service quality, and ultimately deliver a more seamless and satisfying experience for their clients. The future of banking lies in the hands of these groundbreaking technologies.

[Editor Notes]

It’s fascinating to witness the rapid advancements in AI and how they are reshaping various industries, including finance. Conversational AI and generative AI are prime examples of these transformative technologies.

Financial institutions have always strived to improve their customer interactions and provide top-notch service. With the advent of conversational AI and generative AI, these institutions now have access to powerful tools that can understand and communicate with customers in the most natural way possible.

The panelists in this session, Alexandre Del Rey, Eduardo Joia, Marcelo Henrique L, and Telma Luchetta, will share their expertise and insights on how they have successfully utilized these technologies in their respective roles. From enhancing customer experience to driving innovation in digital products, the possibilities seem limitless.

As the moderator, Mona Dorf from Febraban, will guide the discussion and ensure that the audience gains valuable knowledge and a deeper understanding of the potential applications of conversational AI and generative AI in the financial industry.

It’s an exciting time for the world of finance, and it’s clear that embracing these cutting-edge technologies is crucial for staying ahead of the competition. So, join us for this enlightening session and discover how conversational AI and generative AI can revolutionize the way financial institutions engage with their customers.

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