From ChatGPT Utilization to Rs 1 Crore Sale: How Two Friends Leveraged Rs 15,000 to Establish a Profitable AI Startup

How Two Budding Entrepreneurs Used ChatGPT to Build a Successful AI Startup

In a remarkable journey of innovation and technology, Sal Aiello and Monica Powers turned a small investment and the assistance of ChatGPT into a thriving AI startup. With just Rs 15,000 ($185) and their dedication, they created a remarkable AI-powered research tool that later sold for an impressive $150,000. This story is a testament to the transformative power of technology in the entrepreneurial world.

The Genesis of Their Startup

Aiello and Powers initially connected at a virtual startup founder meetup organized by Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s prestigious startup accelerators. Sharing a common vision, they wasted no time in collaborating and leveraging their skills to make their dream a reality.

In a mere four days and with an initial investment of $185, they breathed life into their AI project. Their early strategy involved utilizing ChatGPT for market research. By honing their approach and learning to ask the right questions, they quickly recognized the untapped potential of this AI chatbot.

The Birth of an AI-Powered Research Tool

Combining Aiello’s experience as a tech startup CTO and Powers’ expertise in design and branding through her company, Mascot, the dynamic duo decided to create an AI-powered research tool. This tool allowed users to input their ideas, which ChatGPT effectively interpreted.

Eager to explore the possibility of monetization, they swiftly launched their brainchild, DimeADozen, aiming to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in validating their business ideas. DimeADozen offered comprehensive reports at a competitive price of $39, delivering results significantly faster than conventional analytics agencies or search engines.

From Side Hustle to Phenomenal Success

DimeADozen, co-owned by Aiello and Powers, experienced rapid growth, generating over $66,000 in revenue within just seven months. With minimal expenses, including $150 for the web domain and $35 for hosting and database costs, the majority of their income translated directly into profit.

Their journey took a significant turn when they sold their thriving venture to Felipe Arosemena and Danielle de Corneille, an enthusiastic husband-and-wife team, for an impressive sum of $150,000. Arosemena and de Corneille plan to make DimeADozen their full-time endeavor, while Aiello and Powers will continue to contribute as advisors, devoting around five hours per week to the project.

The Potential of AI-Driven Ventures

Aiello aptly described their creation as a money-making machine. Their inspiring story exemplifies the immense potential of innovative AI-driven ventures and the incredible achievements that can be accomplished through the perfect blend of creativity and technology.

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Ankita Chakravarti

Published On:

Oct 23, 2023

Editor Notes

In a world driven by technology and innovation, the narrative of Sal Aiello and Monica Powers serves as a shining example of what can be achieved with determination and the right tools. Their use of ChatGPT demonstrates the transformative capabilities of AI in the entrepreneurial landscape. As this remarkable story shows, never underestimate the power of creativity, dedication, and innovation. It’s truly awe-inspiring to witness the potential impact of AI-driven ventures.

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