GenAI integrations gain traction as cloud and application platform providers show increased investment

GenAI Integration: Cloud Platform Providers Investing in Advanced Innovations

In the race to dominate the cloud market, application platform providers are making significant investments in generative AI (GenAI) integrations. This move allows them to gain a competitive edge by offering improved access to cutting-edge innovations in the cloud. Additionally, enterprises are actively considering the impact of GenAI technologies, ecosystems, and regulatory and ethical issues on their businesses.

Automation Anywhere Enhances Its Intelligent Automation Solution with GenAI

Automation Anywhere, a leader in intelligent automation, recently announced its GenAI strategy and expanded its partnership with Google. The company is set to incorporate GenAI features into its Automation Success Platform, which is powered by Google’s robust language model through Vertex AI. Similar news has also emerged from other providers like Oracle and Salesforce, who have integrated GenAI into their respective developer platforms.

With the integration of GenAI, Automation Anywhere aims to enhance its intelligent automation solution even further. The company plans to act as a process orchestrator at the interaction layer, delivering real-time insights and enhancing the overall customer experience. Automation Co-Pilot for Business Users will be improved to facilitate better human-machine collaborations across various business applications. Critical industries such as healthcare and banking will benefit from new use cases like after-visit summary creation and loan application processing.

Automation Anywhere is also dedicated to advancing its foundational process discovery and document automation tools. The company’s development tools will eventually empower non-coders with greater AI-based functionality, including automated natural language prompts and next-best actions. GenAI is expected to play a significant role in Automation Anywhere’s CoE solution for managing the automation program lifecycle.

Cloud Platform Providers Embrace GenAI Capabilities

Automation Anywhere is not alone in its pursuit of GenAI integration. Other cloud and application platform providers like Oracle and Salesforce are also incorporating GenAI capabilities into their core technology solutions to remain competitive. For instance, Oracle plans to launch its GenAI initiative via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) in partnership with Cohere. By leveraging its ‘Supercluster’ capability, Oracle aims to run AI workloads with exceptional performance using low GPU cluster technology.

As the demand for GenAI solutions grows, both established platform providers and AI startups prioritize the development of ethical, responsible, and trustworthy technologies. Salesforce AI Cloud’s latest offering, the Einstein Trust Layer, focuses on delivering enterprise-grade data security and privacy. Salesforce is specifically addressing concerns associated with hallucinations, toxicity, privacy, bias, and data governance. GenAI is seamlessly integrated into Salesforce AI Cloud, enhancing productivity across various offerings such as Sales GPT, Service GPT, Marketing GPT, Slack GPT, Tableau GPT, Flow GPT, and Apex GPT.

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Editor Notes

GenAI integration has become a key focus for cloud platform providers, as they strive to offer cutting-edge solutions and stay ahead in the competitive market. Automation Anywhere’s collaboration with Google and the inclusion of GenAI features in its Automation Success Platform showcase its commitment to providing enhanced automation capabilities to its customers. Similarly, Oracle’s Supercluster technology and Salesforce’s Einstein Trust Layer highlight their dedication to delivering secure, responsible, and effective GenAI solutions.

As GenAI continues to evolve and mature, we can expect to see more exciting developments and use cases in various industries. Stay updated with the latest news and advancements in AI and technology at GPT News Room.

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