“Get Access to ChatGPT Plugins: A Guide”

OpenAI has announced that ChatGPT, its popular chatbot, will soon have “eyes and ears” with the introduction of proprietary and third-party plugins. These plugins will expand ChatGPT’s capabilities, allowing it to perform tasks beyond its current language model. For example, a calculator plugin would enable ChatGPT to solve math problems. Other plugins allow ChatGPT to browse the internet for information and even go shopping. OpenAI plans to launch an iTunes-like “Plugin Store” where users can obtain third-party plugins.

However, ChatGPT plugins are currently only available in a limited alpha release for developers and insiders. OpenAI is prioritizing a small number of developers and ChatGPT Plus users. Those interested in accessing the limited alpha release can sign up for the waitlist.

For those curious about how ChatGPT’s plugins work, YouTuber James Briggs provides a jargon-light explanation of the retrieval plugin, which is already open source and appears easy to use. If any confusion arises, there is a chatbot available to assist.

OpenAI envisions a world where users can convert their to-do lists into prompts, and plugins can automate decision-making and execution of errands. While this world is not yet here, the introduction of ChatGPT plugins is a significant step towards it.


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