Here’s What Happened When I Tested 5 AI Resume Builders to Boost Job Prospects

Title: AI Resume and Cover Letter Builders: Are They Worth It?

Imagine a future where AI can do all the work for you, including finding your dream job. While we’re not quite there yet, AI can still assist you in landing a job you’ll love. Resume and cover letters may not be everyone’s favorite, but they are still essential in the recruitment process. Employers have been using AI to filter through these documents, making it essential for job seekers to leverage AI tools available to them.

Setting the Stage:
To test the power of AI resume and cover letter builders, I decided to create a shortlist of tools and simulate applying for the same job with the same profile. The job I chose was a remote Software Engineer position with generative AI responsibilities at Meta (formerly Facebook). The requirements included over two years of coding experience, building large-scale applications, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent practical experience. The salary offered was between $116k and $168k per year.

Meet Tamsin Smith:
To create a fictional candidate to submit to the AI tools, I introduced Tamsin Smith. Tamsin holds two degrees in computing science, completed an internship with Twitter, and has been working at Google as a software engineer since 2019. In addition to her impressive work experience, she also leads a local scouting group in her free time.

AI Tools Reviewed:
– offers a free basic service, making it an attractive choice for testing.
– The resume creation process was straightforward, and Rezi provided options for both a tailored and general-purpose resume.
– I found it slightly inconvenient that Rezi asked me to insert a job application I had written.
– Overall, Rezi produced a decent resume, but I felt their score of 87 out of 100 was too generous.

– claimed to have designed templates that would impress leading companies.
– However, I had to pay $0.99 to download my resume and cover letter.
– The AI generated text for accomplishments, but the summary felt lacking.
– Unfortunately, the cover letter generated repetitive sentences starting with “I am” or “I have”.
– While the resulting resume was presentable, it lacked the wow factor.

– Teal offered the ability to connect the specific job application from LinkedIn to the resume.
– It analyzed the job ad for relevant keywords, which was promising.
– However, the headline summary included a prominent mention of “work authorization” as a skill, which was not ideal.
– The cover letter could be generated for free but didn’t meet my expectations.

– Kickresume was the last AI resume maker I tested.
– It had the highest monthly fee, but I was curious to see if it lived up to the price.
– Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete the review due to article length restrictions.

Editor Notes:
AI resume and cover letter builders have their merits, but they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. These tools can help with formatting and provide some AI-generated suggestions, but it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want your resume to look like. While they can save you time and worry, they should not be the sole factor in securing your dream job.

[SUB-HEADER] In Conclusion:
AI resume and cover letter builders can be helpful tools in streamlining the job application process. However, it’s essential to remember that they are just tools and should not replace the authenticity and personal touch that a well-crafted resume and cover letter can provide. Use them as a starting point, but make sure to tailor your application to the specific job and company you’re applying to.

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