I asked ChatGPT Shiba Inu’s price prediction, the answer was simply hilarious

ChatGPT’s idea of an ideal metaverse

What would the ideal Metaverse look like? That was the first query we posed to the AI. The main characteristics of the ideal Metaverse were outlined by ChatGPT, but it was also quick to acknowledge that several things may affect it.

I asked ChatGPT Shiba Inu’s price prediction, the answer was simply hilarious 1

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Regardless of its design or purpose, ChatGPT specified seven characteristics that an ideal Metaverse should contain, which were helpful. Accessibility, Interoperability, immersiveness, Creativity, and Innovation are just a few characteristics ChatGPT listed as desirable in a Metaverse. One would potentially be inclined to concur that these are truly fundamental based on the list the AI produced.

So, is the Shiba Inu Metaverse an ideal Metaverse? 

ChatGPT quickly pointed out its limitations in learning enough about the Shiba metaverse when responding to this query. By this time, aren’t we all Chat GPT? Especially since little information about the Shiba metaverse is available.

And yet, it was able to respond that it has a welcoming environment and scored highly on creativity and innovation. Even so, it remains unclear about its accessibility and interoperability.

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Source: ChatGPT

Exploring the possible roles of AI in the Metaverse

AI can make user experiences more realistic and compelling because the Metaverse is essentially a digital ecosystem replicating the actual world. Making more perceptive and intelligent virtual assistants is one potential use of AI in the Metaverse. These assistants could make it simpler and more effective for users to move about the Metaverse. Additionally, it can aid them to discover information and communicate with others.

Additionally, AI can also be utilized to develop more complex and convincing virtual characters, heightening the Metaverse’s immersion and realism. By integrating machine learning and natural language processing, these characters may engage with consumers more naturally and intuitively. A more seamless and engaging experience may be produced through this.

Furthermore, automating numerous jobs and procedures, such as moderation, content generation, and customer assistance are more potential applications of AI in the Metaverse. The effort of human moderators and authors might be lessened as a result, and the overall caliber and consistency of the content in the Metaverse might also be improved.

That being said, you might wonder whether AI can predict the future of any token or coin.

Can SHIB cross $1 by December 2023?

When this inquiry was hurled at ChatGPT, it could not provide a definitive response, even in its liberated state. This is not surprising, as predicting any price fluctuation requires significant historical data to initiate the process. Nevertheless, in its reply, while not pinpointing a precise figure, it acknowledged that SHIB has the potential to soar in the days ahead. This assertion was founded based on the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization surge in the past.

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Source: ChatGPT

A glance at SHIB’s past market capitalization movement reveals a flurry of actions. According to CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency’s market cap surged to over $13 billion in 2021 but eventually stabilized at approximately $3 billion. However, in October 2021, its market cap skyrocketed again, surpassing $40 billion, before gradually tapering off. SHIB boasts a market cap of over $6 billion, which is about $3 billion more than its initial valuation.

To delve deeper, I presented ChatGPT with specific metrics, including the current SHIB price and the Relative Strength Index. Despite the added information, the language model could still not produce a precise projection for future SHIB prices. However, it did provide a short-term forecast based on the Relative Strength Index.

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Source: ChatGPT

Shiba Inu [SHIB] on a daily timeframe

After analyzing the Relative Strength Index on a daily timeframe, it became apparent that SHIB had been trending below the neutral zone for a considerable period, indicating a bearish trend. However, soon, an uptrend is possible as a price correction could propel it above the neutral line.

Read Shiba Inu [SHIB] Price Prediction 2023-24

As of this writing, SHIB was trading at approximately $0.0000106, with a slight increase of 0.9%. The cryptocurrency’s price movement was currently situated below its short-term Moving Average (represented by the yellow line), which also acted as a resistance level around the $0.000012 to $0.000013 range.

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