Introducing ChatGIS™: AI-Powered Natural Language Processing Broadband Data Discovery Tool by Wireless 20/20

Wireless 20/20 Launches ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db 2.1 to Simplify U.S. Broadband Grant-Eligible Location Mapping


Wireless 20/20, LLC, a leading broadband network consulting group and developer of the powerful WiROI™ Broadband Networks Business Case Analysis Tools, has recently announced the introduction of ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db 2.1. These innovative solutions aim to revolutionize the way U.S. states communicate broadband grant-eligible location mapping information to the public.

Transforming U.S. Broadband Data Exploration and Network Planning

As U.S. state broadband agencies prepare to distribute a significant $42 billion of BEAD grants, there is an urgent need for accessible and easy-to-understand data for state residents and public interest groups. ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db are poised to address this demand by providing a groundbreaking solution for broadband data exploration and network planning in the United States.

ChatGIS™, powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, simplifies the complex world of U.S. broadband data. Through conversational interactions, it generates text, tables, charts, and maps to answer broadband discovery questions. The platform identifies served, unserved, and underserved locations, offering comprehensive mapping of grant eligible areas and service provider footprints across the country.

Recognition and Features

Wireless 20/20’s ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db 2.1 have been shortlisted in the Best Broadband & Data Mapping Solution or Initiative category and will be finalists at the prestigious U.S. Broadband Awards 2023. These platforms provide access to a curated dataset in the WiROI™ db SQL database, including FCC Broadband Data Collection Fabric, grant areas, anchor institutions, relevant structures, protected areas, and U.S. Census Bureau data.

ChatGIS™ empowers users with unparalleled insights into the state of U.S. broadband infrastructure and accessibility. In addition, the WiROI™ db Geospatial SaaS platform calculates the fiber miles required to connect grant-eligible locations, provides cost estimates for fiber construction, and calculates fixed wireless coverage based on existing tower infrastructure.

Key features of ChatGIS™ include a conversational interface, comprehensive data analysis, and streamlined network design. This platform has the potential to revolutionize various sectors that rely on broadband data, such as State Broadband Offices, Telecommunication Service Providers, Public Policy Makers, Broadband Infrastructure Developers, Investors, and the General Public.

Empowering the Future of U.S. Connectivity

ChatGIS™ is set to democratize access to critical broadband information, ensuring a broader range of stakeholders can actively shape the future of U.S. connectivity. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, ChatGIS™ demonstrates the transformative power of AI and NLP in simplifying complex data processes, promoting transparency, and driving progress in the broadband industry.

To experience a demonstration version of ChatGIS™, visit their website by clicking here.

About Wireless 20/20, LLC

Wireless 20/20 is a renowned consulting firm specializing in wired and wireless broadband markets. With vast experience in the broadband wireless industry, Wireless 20/20 has aided over 180 broadband operators worldwide in numerous aspects of their business. From building business cases to market analysis, technology selection, vendor evaluation, and network rollout strategies, Wireless 20/20 has a comprehensive understanding of the technical, business, and product considerations in the wireless industry.

To learn more about Wireless 20/20 and schedule a private demonstration of the WiROI™ db Geospatial SaaS Platform, visit their website at

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Editor Notes

Opinion: The launch of ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db 2.1 by Wireless 20/20 marks a significant advancement in the field of U.S. broadband mapping and network planning. These innovative solutions not only simplify the communication of grant-eligible location mapping information to the public but also empower various stakeholders to shape the future of U.S. connectivity. With their robust features and AI-driven capabilities, ChatGIS™ and WiROI™ db are set to make a lasting impact in the broadband industry.

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