Introducing ChatGPT in Cars: DS Automobiles Leads the Way

DS Automobiles is revolutionizing the driving experience by introducing ChatGPT in its vehicles, making it the first in Europe to do so. This advanced artificial intelligence service, available in select DS models, offers drivers a conversational experience through the DS Iris infotainment system. With the ability to be activated remotely and at no extra cost for initial subscribers, this feature allows drivers to interact with various functions using voice commands. It can even generate quizzes and children’s stories, enhancing the journey for passengers of all ages.

Introducing ChatGPT into DS Automobiles

DS Automobiles is bringing the renowned ChatGPT artificial intelligence model into the automotive world, specifically with the DS Iris System. This integration transforms the infotainment system into a knowledgeable digital assistant, taking voice recognition capabilities to new heights. Drivers can now ask complex questions, make requests, and engage in enjoyable activities such as storytelling and quizzes without diverting their attention from the road.

The integration of ChatGPT is currently being tested by 20,000 DS Iris System users as part of a six-month pilot program within Stellantis. Drivers can activate this feature remotely through the DS Services store, with no additional cost for initial subscribers.

Initially, this feature will be available in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, and Italy.

Elevating the driving experience with ChatGPT

ChatGPT, in collaboration with the DS Iris System, elevates the onboard experience for drivers. By simply saying “OK Iris” or pressing a button on the steering wheel, drivers can execute a variety of requests without taking their eyes off the road. The integration of ChatGPT aligns with Stellantis’ strategic focus and the Dare Forward 2030 strategy. According to Yves Bonnefont, Stellantis Chief Software Officer, the integration process began as soon as ChatGPT became available.

ChatGPT: The Future Companion for Drivers

The integration of ChatGPT into DS Automobiles marks a technological revolution in the industry. While offering practical benefits such as answering questions and providing recommendations for places to visit or recipes to try, ChatGPT also adds a sense of discovery to every trip. However, DS Automobiles acknowledges that ChatGPT’s responses may not always be accurate, correct, or objective.

Editor Notes: Elevating the Driving Experience with ChatGPT

DS Automobiles’ integration of ChatGPT into its vehicles represents a significant advancement in the automotive industry. By combining artificial intelligence with the DS Iris System, drivers can now enjoy a conversational experience and enhanced accessibility while on the road. This innovative feature not only provides practical benefits but also adds a touch of excitement to each journey.

As technology continues to evolve, the integration of AI into vehicles demonstrates the commitment of automotive companies like DS Automobiles to staying at the forefront of innovation. By exploring new possibilities and pushing boundaries, DS Automobiles sets the stage for a future where vehicles are not only modes of transportation but also intelligent companions.

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