KAID Health’s Natural Language Processing Solution Shows Great Potential in Monitoring Postoperative Opioid Use

The Power of KAID Health’s NLP Solution to Detect Prolonged Opioid Use

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KAID Health’s NLP Solution: An Impressive Breakthrough in Postoperative Opioid Use Analysis

KAID Health, a leading healthcare analytics company, has recently published a groundbreaking study in the journal Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine. The study focuses on the effectiveness of KAID Health’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution in detecting prolonged opioid use after orthopedic surgery. This is a crucial issue in patient care, especially considering the ongoing opioid epidemic.

In this study, experts from the University of California San Diego (UCSD) compared KAID Health’s NLP solution with clinician reviewers to evaluate its ability to identify opioid usage three months post-surgery. Traditionally, capturing opioid use data from electronic medical records (EMRs) has been a labor-intensive task, requiring manual extraction of information from free medical notes text.

The results were astounding, with the AI model showing a remarkable 90% concordance with the clinicians’ assessments. Dr. Rodney Gabriel, one of the authors of the paper, highlighted the utility of the KAID model in extracting valuable clinical insights from medical charts to enhance patient care.

KAID Health’s Versatile Technology: Beyond Pain Control Assessment

While this study focused on pain control assessment, it’s important to note that KAID Health’s AI models are not limited to this area. Their platform extracts a comprehensive set of patient information, including medications, conditions, problems, and test results, from both structured and unstructured sections of EMRs. The versatility of this technology extends to various healthcare settings, supporting critical functions such as billing and coding, quality measurement, prior authorization chart review, care management, and other clinical workflows.

This multifaceted approach showcases the immense potential of KAID Health’s NLP solution in revolutionizing healthcare delivery. By automating the monitoring and measurement of postoperative opioid use, KAID Health empowers healthcare providers to improve patient safety, optimize workflows, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

KAID Health: A Leader in AI-Centric Healthcare Analytics

The publication of this study solidifies KAID Health’s position as a pioneer in AI-centric healthcare analytics. It marks the third validation of their solution in peer-reviewed medical journals, further cementing the efficacy and reliability of their technology.

Kevin Agatstein, CEO at KAID Health, expressed immense pride in the outcomes of this proof-of-concept study. He emphasized how KAID Health’s NLP solution has the power to transform healthcare delivery by automating quality and safety data, thereby addressing the challenges associated with opioid use after surgery. As a company, KAID Health remains committed to driving innovation in the healthcare analytics space and improving patient outcomes worldwide.

About KAID Health

KAID Health is a Boston-based company specializing in enhancing care delivery for providers, payers, and accountable care organizations. By leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, their Whole Chart Analysis platform extracts all relevant data from electronic medical records. The comprehensive insights provided by KAID Health support providers in achieving their clinical, financial, and operational objectives. Additionally, the technology offers payers a holistic view of their members’ health by combining claims and EMR data. Today, KAID Health’s solutions are widely used across various healthcare settings to automate workflows and drive efficiency. To learn more, visit www.kaidhealth.com.

Editor Notes

AI-powered healthcare analytics solutions like KAID Health’s NLP offering are transforming the way patient care is delivered. By automating processes and extracting valuable insights from medical records, these technologies have the potential to greatly improve patient outcomes. KAID Health’s groundbreaking research in postoperative opioid use detection showcases just one example of the positive impact AI can have on healthcare. To stay updated on the latest advancements in AI and technology, visit the GPT News Room.

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