Kinetica Introduces Cloud Hosted Version for Generative AI with SQL-GPT, Now Free Forever

Kinetica Announces Free Version of Kinetica Cloud for Real-Time Data Analysis

Kinetica, the database for time & space, has introduced a completely free version of Kinetica Cloud that allows users to sign up without a credit card and experience the powerful generative AI capabilities of Kinetica. Unlike other analytic databases, Kinetica Cloud offers free storage and compute with no expiration date, making it a unique offering in the market. Users can analyze real-time data with up to 10GB of storage, using Kinetica’s SQL-GPT feature that quickly turns language into SQL for efficient execution.

The Growing Importance of Spatiotemporal Data

According to Deloitte, by 2025, devices capable of sharing their location will account for 40% of all data. This highlights the rapid growth of spatiotemporal data, which focuses on the location and movement of objects. Various sources such as mobile devices, sensors, satellites, and video feeds contribute to the stream of spatiotemporal data. Industries across the board, from fleet management to retail marketing, rely on real-time spatial and time-series data for digital transformation.

The Need for Innovative Solutions

With the evolution of big data, traditional technologies and methods are no longer sufficient. Traditional data warehouses and data lakes struggle to handle complex problems in real-time latency profiles. Joining two spatial data sets or calculating overlapping polygons can significantly impact query completion time. Kinetica addresses these challenges with its vectorization compute paradigm, which reduces complexity, improves scalability, and enhances the performance of spatiotemporal workloads.

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever Features

The free version of Kinetica Cloud, called Kinetica Cloud Free Forever, offers the following features:

  • Store and analyze up to 10GB of data with full Kinetica database functionality
  • Kinetica SQL-GPT functionality for converting language into SQL quickly
  • Unlimited SQL queries and API access
  • Unlimited SQL workbooks
  • Kinetica Community support

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever is a valuable addition to the existing deployment options provided by Kinetica, including Developer Edition and deploying through cloud marketplaces or in a customer’s own cloud environment.

Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads

In addition to the free version, Kinetica also offers Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads. This option removes data limits and provides customers with more flexibility in choosing different clusters based on their data size and query complexity. It includes dedicated clusters, compute resources, and Kinetica Standard support for consistent performance.

Positive Feedback from Users

Industry experts have praised the Kinetica Cloud environment for its user experience and analytics workbench. It has significantly reduced development time for spatial and time-series analytics, providing industry-leading performance and multi-modal analytics features.

Pricing and Availability

Kinetica Cloud Free Forever is immediately available and offers up to 10GB of free data storage. Users can also opt for Kinetica Cloud for Dedicated Workloads at a starting price of $4.50/hour, which provides more flexibility and scalability based on data size.

Editor Notes

Kinetica’s introduction of the free version of Kinetica Cloud democratizes access to powerful database capabilities. It eliminates the need for trial licenses and budget approvals, allowing companies to experience working with Kinetica without barriers. The availability of Kinetica Cloud accelerates the transition to the next phase of big data, empowering organizations to scale collection, analysis, and operationalization of location-enriched data for innovation. With Kinetica’s SQL-GPT functionality, fast and conversational querying on this data becomes effortless.

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