Microsoft to furnish the Japanese government with ChatGPT AI technology

Microsoft to Provide Japan’s Government with ChatGPT Technology for Administrative Tasks

According to an article by NikkeiAsia, Microsoft is set to offer the Japanese government access to its ChatGPT generative AI technology. This technology aims to assist with clerical work and analysis, including the creation of draft responses to parliamentary queries. The company has recently installed high-processing power equipment at its data centers in Tokyo and Osaka, marking the first deployment of this technology in Asia.

Collaboration between Microsoft and Japan’s Government

Microsoft is finalizing an agreement with representatives from Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party to provide them with the GPT-4 model, a large language model that supports ChatGPT’s human-like interaction. Additionally, Microsoft will also supply AI technology from Meta, the parent company of Facebook, with which Microsoft has collaborated. The new Digital Agency of Japan plans to allocate just over $2 million for a one-year trial of this technology.

Enhancing Efficiency in Administrative Services

The purpose of implementing generative AI technology in Japan’s government is to improve the quality and efficiency of administrative services. Tasks such as preparing meeting minutes, generating draft responses to parliamentary queries, and analyzing government statistics to streamline employee tasks will be tested during the trial period. Microsoft aims to enhance the AI’s accuracy in Japanese, addressing a previous weak point, and will collect data to better serve Japan’s government, which requires significant administrative information.

Advantages of Local Data Centers

One considerable benefit of this collaboration is that the data centers housing the technology will be located domestically, providing enhanced security for confidential information. Besides serving the government, this initiative will also benefit Japanese companies, including financial institutions, that handle sensitive data. The presence of domestic data centers will make it easier for them to adopt AI services.

Potential Adoption Across Government Agencies

The Liberal Democratic Party believes that generative AI has the potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of administrative services. As a result, various government agencies, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, are considering the adoption of this technology.

Editor Notes

This collaboration between Microsoft and Japan’s government marks an important step in leveraging AI technology for administrative tasks. By providing access to ChatGPT technology, Microsoft aims to enhance productivity and efficiency in Japanese government agencies. The potential benefits of generative AI extend beyond clerical work, offering new possibilities for streamlining processes and improving decision-making. As the trial period begins, it will be interesting to see how this technology transforms administrative services and sets a precedent for further AI adoption in the public sector.

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