MZ 민원은 여전히 계속되지만, AI 프로필과 신분증의 사용이 금지된다고 KBS가 보도한 것으로 알려져. (2023.10.12)


A welfare center near a university campus has been receiving daily complaints for months, with residents requesting their identification cards to be reissued with AI profile pictures.

AI profile pictures are mobile photo editing services that combine multiple photos using artificial intelligence to create celebrity-like profile pictures.

Because these pictures tend to enhance one’s appearance, the government has prohibited the use of AI profile pictures for identification purposes. However, this center continues to receive around four complaints per day for ID reissuance applications that include AI profile pictures.

[Han Seung-il/Administrative Welfare Center, Oncheon 2-dong, Daejeon: “About 30% of the applicants submit photos that have been retouched using AI. We reject them whenever possible. This is a necessary measure for the welfare of the residents.”]

There is concern that recognizing retouched photos as official identity cards could lead to crimes like identity theft.

[Choi Sung-yoon/College Student: “AI profiles can look different from the person’s actual face. I don’t think they should be allowed to be used.”]

However, photos taken at photography studios also go through retouching processes, so some argue that there is no reason to single out AI profile pictures.

[Kim Gun/College Student: “I think adopting AI profile pictures as identification photos is fine as long as it is done in a way that improves the image without distorting it.”]

AI profile pictures, once thought of as a fun use of new technology, have unexpectedly become a controversial issue.

This is KBS News, reporting by Kwak Dong-hwa.

[Opinion: Editor Notes]

The rise of AI profile pictures as a topic of debate highlights the intersection of technology and personal identification. While some argue that AI-enhanced photos should not be allowed for official use, others believe that as long as the images are not heavily distorted, they can be a valid form of identification.

However, it is crucial to consider the potential risks associated with accepting retouched photos as official documents. The concern for identity theft and the need for accurate representation must be weighed carefully in making a decision.

As technology continues to evolve, it is essential for policymakers and authorities to adapt and establish guidelines that address the challenges posed by new advancements. Balancing the benefits and potential drawbacks of AI profile pictures will contribute to a more inclusive and secure society.

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