OCBC launches company-wide implementation of ChatGPT-powered bot

Singapore’s OCBC Bank Empowers Employees with Generative AI Chatbot

Singapore’s OCBC Bank is taking a major step towards increasing productivity and enhancing customer service by introducing a new generative artificial intelligence chatbot for its 30,000 employees. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI and OCBC, the chatbot utilizes ChatGPT’s Large Language Models to provide support in areas such as writing, research, and generating ideas for new innovations.

Enhancing Productivity and Customer Service

The widespread implementation of this chatbot follows a successful six-month trial involving 1,000 OCBC staff members from various departments, including investment research, product management, and marketing. During the trial, employees experienced significant time savings, with tasks being completed approximately 50% faster than before. The chatbot’s capabilities were utilized in various aspects, such as writing investment research reports, translating content across multiple languages, and drafting customer responses.

As part of its digital transformation journey, OCBC Bank had previously adopted several generative AI productivity tools for tasks like code development, document summarization, call transcription, and creating an internal knowledge base. These tools have also resulted in productivity gains of up to 50%.

The Future of AI at OCBC Bank

Currently, AI plays a vital role in enabling decision-making processes at OCBC Bank, with over four million daily decisions being made by AI systems in areas such as risk management, customer service, and sales. This figure is projected to grow to 10 million decisions by 2025. The introduction of generative AI tools represents a significant milestone for the bank, and they believe that these tools have the potential to revolutionize employee workflows by automating time-consuming tasks. By freeing up employees’ time, OCBC aims to empower them to focus on strategic and value-added work, ultimately improving customer service and fostering innovation in product and service offerings.

Editor Notes: Embracing AI for Competitive Advantage

The adoption of generative AI chatbots by OCBC Bank underscores the growing trend of financial institutions embracing innovative technologies to drive productivity and meet evolving customer expectations. By leveraging ChatGPT’s Large Language Models, OCBC Bank enables its employees to save time and deliver more value to customers. This move positions OCBC Bank as a pioneer in the application of generative AI tools at scale within the banking industry.

Such advancements in AI technology not only enhance operational efficiency but also allow banks to gather valuable insights and create personalized experiences for their customers. As the banking landscape continues to evolve, it is imperative for financial institutions to remain at the forefront of technological innovation to gain a competitive advantage.

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