Proposal Introduced to Create National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource

Unlocking the Potential of Artificial Intelligence: The CREATE AI Act

A groundbreaking bipartisan bill has been introduced by Congressional representatives Michael McCaul (R-Texas), Anna G. Eshoo (D-Calif.), Don Beyer (D-Va.), and Jay Obernolte (R-Calif.), known as the Creating Resources for Every American To Experiment with Artificial Intelligence Act of 2023, or the CREATE AI Act. This landmark legislation aims to establish the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR), a platform that will grant AI researchers wider access to essential resources, data, and tools needed to develop and advance secure and reliable artificial intelligence.

In recent years, the integration of AI and chat GPT systems into our daily lives has become increasingly prominent. Consequently, the CREATE AI Act comes at a crucial time, seeking to unleash the full potential of American innovation and maintain the country’s technological leadership, particularly in the field of AI. By opening up vital resources, this bill will enable collaboration among American minds to cultivate intelligent, safe, and secure AI solutions.

Creating a Path to Innovation

At its core, the CREATE AI Act aims to achieve four primary goals through the establishment of the NAIRR:

  1. Spur innovation within the AI industry
  2. Enhance access to AI resources for researchers and students
  3. Expand AI research capacity in the United States
  4. Support the testing and evaluation of domestically developed and deployed AI systems

By providing computational resources, data, educational tools and services, as well as AI testbeds, the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource will empower researchers, educators, and students at higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and federally funded agencies. This initiative holds the promise of broadening access to AI systems, reinforcing America’s global leadership, and yielding benefits in national security, economic competitiveness, and scientific research.

Fostering Innovation for the Future

The CREATE AI Act represents a critical milestone in the establishment of a robust AI research and development infrastructure in the United States. Through improved access to essential resources and advanced tools, this legislation aims to foster a culture of innovation that ensures AI advancements benefit all Americans.

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Editor Notes

The introduction of the CREATE AI Act is a remarkable achievement in advancing AI research and development within the United States. This bipartisan effort demonstrates a commitment to nurturing innovation and maintaining America’s technological leadership for the benefit of its citizens and the world at large.

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