Report: OpenAI’s Valuation Could Reach $90 Billion

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is making waves in the industry with a staggering new valuation of up to $90 billion. This remarkable increase, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, triples OpenAI’s previous valuation. The implications of this valuation and what sets investments in AI apart are discussed by Ann Berry, the Founder of Threadneedle Strategies, in an insightful conversation with Yahoo Finance Live.

Berry acknowledges that OpenAI’s new valuation represents a considerable expectation of value creation within a remarkably short period of time. While not entirely surprised, she does express a sense of cautiousness, wondering if the air feels a bit thin at such an inflated valuation in such a short span.

What makes investments in AI particularly intriguing and distinct, according to Berry, is the absence of the usual suspects from the big venture capital firms in the private market. Instead, the focus is on the balance sheets of public companies. This dynamic suggests a heightened level of competition within the private markets for AI, unlike any seen in recent memory.

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Editor Notes:
The staggering new valuation of OpenAI at $90 billion has caught the attention of the market, raising eyebrows and sparking discussions about the future of AI investments. The rapid growth and immense potential of OpenAI are undoubtedly impressive, but it’s crucial to approach such valuations with a critical eye. The AI landscape continues to evolve, and it’s exciting to see the level of competition and involvement from public companies in this sector. As AI continues to shape our world, it’s essential to stay informed and keep an eye on emerging trends and players in the market. For more AI-related news and insights, be sure to visit GPT News Room at



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