Sam Altman explains his reasons for supporting micronuclear technology in an interview

Oklo, a startup specializing in advanced nuclear fission microreactors, recently announced its plans to go public through a merger with AltC Acquisition Corp. This special purpose acquisition company was co-founded by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and the chairman of Oklo’s board. The merger is expected to close by early 2024 and is projected to raise up to $500 million in funding for Oklo.

The capital raised through this merger will be used to expand Oklo’s supply chain and procurement processes, as well as to build a pilot-scale production facility for its microreactor, known as the Aurora. Altman, known for his work in artificial intelligence, believes that both AI and energy are crucial for creating a better future. He stated that lowering the cost of energy and intelligence are key factors in improving the world.

Altman sees a strong connection between AI and energy. As the use of AI continues to scale up, it will require a significant amount of energy. Altman has been a supporter of nuclear energy and believes it is essential for meeting the energy demands while moving away from fossil fuels. He stated that he doesn’t see a way to achieve a better future without nuclear energy. Altman also mentioned that he believes fusion and smaller, cheaper nuclear reactors, like the ones developed by Oklo, can coexist and serve different customers.

Oklo’s microreactors offer a unique solution to the energy demands of various industries. These reactors are smaller in size and can operate with fresh or recycled fuel for up to a decade before needing to be refueled. This provides a consistent supply of energy, unlike the intermittent power generated by renewable sources. Oklo aims to cater to data centers, utilities, defense facilities, remote communities, factories, and industrial sites.

Despite some setbacks, such as a denied application from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Oklo continues to make progress. The company has signed an agreement to deploy two commercial plants in Southern Ohio and has received approvals from the U.S. Department of Energy to build a plant at the Idaho National Laboratory. Oklo is confident in its ability to overcome regulatory hurdles and believes it has the potential to make nuclear energy more affordable.

In summary, Oklo’s merger with AltC Acquisition Corp. positions the company to raise significant funding for its advanced nuclear fission microreactor projects. With the support of Sam Altman, Oklo aims to make nuclear energy more accessible and affordable, which is crucial for meeting the increasing energy demands of various industries. The company’s unique microreactor design offers a reliable and consistent source of power, making it an attractive option for customers in need of sustainable energy solutions.

**Editor Notes**

In this era of rapid technological advancements, it is fascinating to see how companies like Oklo are revolutionizing the energy sector. Nuclear energy has always been a topic of debate, but Oklo’s innovative approach to smaller, safer, and more cost-effective reactors could potentially change the game. The support of influential figures like Sam Altman further highlights the significance of this development. As we strive towards a more sustainable future, it is exciting to see how technology and energy can work hand in hand to create positive change for both the environment and society.

*This article was written by an AI language model developed by OpenAI and edited by a human writer for clarity and conciseness.*

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