Stratechery by Ben Thompson: A Conversation with Marc Andreessen on AI and Transforming the World

**An Interview with Marc Andreessen about AI and How You Change the World**


In today’s Stratechery Interview, we have the pleasure of talking with Marc Andreessen, who needs no introduction. As the co-creator of the Mosaic web browser, which laid the foundation for Netscape, Marc has been a key player in the internet revolution. Today, he is best known as the co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm renowned for its disruptive approach and large fund sizes. But Marc’s influence extends beyond business – he is also a public intellectual, known for his thought-provoking essays on software, technology, and AI.

**A Pugnacious Approach**

When it comes to interviewing venture capitalists (VCs), some may argue that it’s like talking to someone who constantly promotes their own agenda. But with Marc, it’s an entirely different story. He has opinions on almost everything, and his pugnacious approach to arguing them often sparks controversy. While Marc requested that we avoid discussing partisan politics in this interview, it’s worth noting that his controversial nature extends beyond politics.

**The Importance of Tech**

Throughout his career, Marc has faced skepticism from those who didn’t believe in the importance of technology. People dismissed social media as trivial nonsense, failing to grasp its potential impact. Even respected commentators doubted the value of tech companies like Facebook. But over the past decade, the perception of tech has shifted drastically. Now, it’s often seen as pure evil, with critics highlighting its negative consequences. Marc believes that neither extreme is accurate, and it is the responsibility of tech leaders to explain their work and its broader implications.

**Explaining Ourselves**

Technology is complicated, and its intricacies are often difficult to understand from an outsider’s perspective. It’s crucial for tech leaders to communicate the complexities of their work in a way that is accessible to all. This will help bridge the gap between the tech industry and society, fostering a better understanding of its effects on the economy and people’s lives. By providing clear explanations, tech leaders can contribute to a more constructive dialogue and dispel misconceptions.

**AI and the Future**

One topic that Marc dives into is artificial intelligence (AI). In his recent essay, “Why AI Will Save the World,” he explores the transformative potential of AI and its impact on various industries. During the interview, Marc discusses this essay at length, providing insights into his vision for the future. While not all may agree with his views, it’s undeniable that AI will play a significant role in shaping our world, and understanding its potential is crucial for everyone.


Marc Andreessen’s contributions to the tech industry and his role as a public intellectual cannot be overstated. Through his essays and interviews, he challenges conventional wisdom, sparks debate, and encourages us to think deeply about the impact of technology on our lives. We hope that this interview, like all Stratechery content, provokes thought and inspires further exploration. If you’d like to listen to the full interview, click the link provided to add Stratechery to your podcast player.

**Editor Notes**

In a world where technology is increasingly intertwined with our lives, it’s essential to have voices like Marc Andreessen’s who push boundaries, challenge norms, and inspire us to think differently. His ability to bridge the gap between the tech industry and society is commendable, and his willingness to explain complex concepts in accessible terms is invaluable. By doing so, he fosters a more informed and nuanced understanding of technology’s implications. We are grateful to Marc for sharing his insights and look forward to future conversations that shape the future of technology.

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