Tanvir Khan predicts that Generative AI will revolutionize the IT industry

NTT DATA’s Chief Digital Officer on the Future of Generative AI

NTT DATA, a global IT and business services innovator based in Japan, is placing a strong emphasis on emerging technologies such as metaverse and quantum computing. In a recent interview with TNIE, NTT DATA’s Chief Digital Officer Tanvir Khan shared his insights on the potential impact of generative AI and its ability to disrupt the IT services industry.

The Power of Generative AI

Having dedicated over a decade to AI research and development, NTT DATA has been particularly focused on generative AI in recent years. This technology, primarily based on large language models, has the potential to be incredibly disruptive—similar to the way offshore outsourcing revolutionized the industry two decades ago. Khan believes that generative AI will fundamentally transform the field by eliminating a significant portion of labor involved in content generation. Not only can it create web content and generate written material, but it also has the capacity to write software—a capability that Khan identifies as its most impactful aspect.

The Significance of Governance in Generative AI

Recognizing the importance of establishing a governance structure for generative AI, NTT DATA, along with many other companies, is actively working towards that goal. Khan highlights three critical components essential to developing this structure: information security, privacy, and compliance. Interacting with generative AI models like ChatGPT involves training them, which entails exposing private information that can end up in the public domain. Additionally, when individuals request ChatGPT to rewrite a proposal, they inevitably share proposals in the public sphere. NTT DATA is currently developing its own generative enterprise architecture, collaborating closely with Microsoft Azure Open AI. Khan stresses the need for foundational model updates and a robust governance framework addressing information security, privacy, and compliance. NTT DATA operates six innovation centers worldwide, concentrating on emerging technologies such as metaverse, quantum computing, digital humans (humanized chatbot versions), and digital twins (which simulate real situations and measure outcomes in the form of digital representations of physical objects, people, or processes).

Emerging AI Governance Policies

In the era of AI governance, it is crucial for every country to establish its own policies. Although regulations in this area often lag behind due to the nascent nature of the field, ethical concerns surrounding AI drive the early stages of drafting these regulations. Companies across various industries are currently in the process of formulating their guidelines and practices to ensure responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.

Expanding Data Center Infrastructure in India

NTT DATA stands as one of the major players in global data center infrastructure. With regards to India, the company plans to significantly increase its capacity from 144 megawatts to 350 megawatts within the next two years. This expansion reflects NTT DATA’s commitment to supporting the country’s growing IT demands and solidifying its position as the world’s third-largest data center infrastructure provider.

Editor Notes

In the realm of AI, generative models have witnessed remarkable progress and continue to shape the future of various industries. NTT DATA’s endeavors in the field of generative AI exemplify the transformative potential of this technology. By embracing emerging technologies like metaverse, quantum computing, and digital humans, NTT DATA remains at the forefront of innovation in IT services. As generative AI becomes more prevalent, it is vital for companies to establish robust governance frameworks that prioritize information security, privacy, and compliance. The responsible and ethical deployment of AI technologies will ultimately pave the way for a brighter and more promising future.

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