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Testing ChatGPT Features For Siri

Apple engineers are allegedly starting tests to add ChatGPT-like features to Siri. Details are here!

Considered the OpenAI team’s most successful product yet, ChatGPT continues to change the tech industry. According to a new report, Apple has begun testing some of ChatGPT’s features to be added to Siri.

Now almost 10 years old, Siri lags far behind when it first came out, especially when compared to AI chatbots. But Apple engineers have some ideas to solve this.

Testing ChatGPT Features For Siri » Expat Guide Turkey 1

Apple Wants to Renew Siri

John Burkey, a former Apple engineer, states how difficult the task of improving Siri was given to him in 2014. According to Burkey’s claims, adding even the slightest command to Siri, which supports dozens of language packs, means reworking and editing a huge database. According to Burkey, Siri can’t compete with an AI like ChatGPT in any way.

However, at the artificial intelligence event organized by the company last month, it was revealed that Apple has plans to renew Siri. Many tech reporters have claimed that Apple engineers are working on language models that generate text almost every week.

It is not yet clear whether Siri will be renewed. However, given that the current system is quite difficult to rebuild, it is quite possible that we will see a major attack from Apple with a language model like GPT-4 and production from scratch.


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