Unleashed and Extraordinary: Unveiling OpenAI’s Covert Image Generator

The New OpenAI Generative AI Imaging Model: A Game-Changer in Image Generation

OpenAI has been quietly working on a groundbreaking new iteration of its generative artificial intelligence (AI) imaging model. The early samples leaked by YouTuber MattVidPro have revealed that this model surpasses its predecessors in terms of performance.

Matt, in his YouTube preview, expressed his excitement, saying, “Extremely exciting—this blows anything we’ve seen before out of the water, it’s insane. Midjourney cannot compete at this level—I don’t even think Midjourney version six would be able to compete at this level.”

Despite the enthusiasm, it is important to note that access to this new OpenAI image generator is extremely limited at this time.

An Exclusive Preview: OpenAI’s Unpublished Model

The unreleased model is believed to be an upgrade of DALL-E 2 and is currently undergoing testing through an invite-only preview within ChatGPT-4. Only about 400 individuals worldwide have been granted access to this highly anticipated OpenAI image generator.

Unprecedented Imaging Skills

The image samples produced by the AI model demonstrate its exceptional capabilities. It has the ability to generate sharp images with realistic lighting, reflections, and intricate details such as visible brush strokes in paintings. Furthermore, it can accurately recreate brand names like “Snickers” and well-known logos like Subway on generated products.

Astonishingly, the model also shows proficiency in text rendering, achieving good spelling in generated text.

One example of an image produced by OpenAI’s text-to-image. Source: MattVidPro

Realistic Hands and Backgrounds

While other image generators often struggle with creating coherent hands, the OpenAI model overcomes this challenge by producing realistic, properly proportioned hands. Additionally, the backgrounds in the generated images appear more convincing compared to those generated by competing AI systems.

Pushing Boundaries with Safety Filters Off

In order to test the model’s full potential, OpenAI removed its safety filters. This allowed the AI to generate violent and explicit content without any hesitation. However, given OpenAI’s commitment to filtering NSFW content, it is highly unlikely that an official public version of the model will be released without appropriate safety measures in place.

“It’s OpenAI so you can bet they’re going to nanny this thing down like they do for everything before they release it,” observed Matt, referring to OpenAI’s cautious approach to managing potential controversies surrounding their AI models.

Critiques and Ongoing Progress

Despite OpenAI’s impressive breakthrough, some experts have criticized the company for “dumbing down” their models to avoid potential controversies. Certain studies even suggest that OpenAI trained ChatGPT to have a strong political bias in its outputs.

Nevertheless, the high quality and consistent performance demonstrated by the OpenAI image generator samples mark a significant leap forward in generative AI capabilities. OpenAI may provide more updates on their progress later this year, especially regarding their work on a multimodal GPT-4 that can understand text, images, and drafts in a single prompt.

Restricted Testing and Future Challenges

For the time being, OpenAI’s generative AI imaging model remains accessible only to a select few users who are part of the closed testing. The continuous improvement in these models blurs the boundary between artificial and real, sparking both excitement and concerns over potential misuse. Responsible development and deployment of this technology are crucial objectives that OpenAI strives to address.

Editor Notes

An Exciting Breakthrough in AI Image Generation

The recent leak of OpenAI’s new generative AI imaging model has stirred excitement among tech enthusiasts. The model’s superior performance and the realistic images it generates are truly impressive. However, concerns surrounding AI ethics and responsible development persist. OpenAI’s commitment to ensuring safety and avoiding controversies remains at the forefront of their work. As the boundaries between artificial and real continue to blur, it is essential to approach these advancements with vigilance and responsibility.

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